State and Local Tax

Our tax attorneys are experts in matters concerning state and local tax laws, whether they concern property taxes (also known as ad valorem taxes), sales and use taxes, gross production and excise taxes, tribal taxes, omitted or escaped assessments, tax exemptions and incentives, or other specialized taxes. With extensive knowledge and experience navigating evolving state and local tax statutes and regulations, we can advise clients of the deadlines and requirements necessary to maximize tax savings.

Our attorneys counsel clients on tax planning, strategy, and compliance, including identifying and earning incentives, exemptions, and abatements, such as:

  • Five-year manufacturing ad valorem exemption
  • Manufacturing sales tax exemption
  • Intangibles exemption
  • Homestead exemption
  • Local development incentives or exemptions

State and local taxes are a significant operating expense incurred by commercial property owners. Elias Books’ tax attorneys have experience in taxation issues across numerous industries and property types, including pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries, crude oil storage and transportation, underground gas storage, renewable energy facilities including wind and solar farms, industrial facilities, utilities, telecommunications, railroads, hotels, office buildings, multi-family housing, and other commercial properties.

Our firm is the designated Oklahoma member firm of the American Property Tax Counsel (APTC), a national affiliation of distinguished property tax law firms. The APTC is a unique organization in its longevity and make up. APTC attorneys have been working together as co-counsel since 1994, and currently have over 125 attorneys across the United States and Canada serving all of the major U.S. markets. APTC member attorneys have written nearly 500 articles concerning property tax, have been instrumental in spearheading over 500 legislative and regulatory amendments for the betterment of taxpayers, and have handled over 500 reported appellate cases. Together, APTC attorneys push forward the law regarding taxation to benefit their clients and are on the cutting edge of developments in tax law. APTC attorneys fully understand valuation principles and how to apply the law that APTC attorneys have helped shape through their writings, legislative accomplishments, and case decisions.

Taxation Areas of Expertise