Oklahoma Corporation Commission Practice

Elias Books attorneys have significant experience and expertise navigating the complex oil and gas regulatory landscape in Oklahoma. For more than 30 years, Elias Books has represented clients in oil and gas regulatory proceedings before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). The OCC is the body that regulates the exploration and production of oil and gas within Oklahoma. The OCC has exclusive jurisdiction to establish drilling and spacing units, authorize well locations, and approve the number of wells needed to develop a unit. The OCC also has the power to force pool parties who have not otherwise agreed to develop a unit and to select an operator to execute unit development.

Obtaining the necessary orders and permits to drill a well in Oklahoma can involve nuance that is often not obvious from the plain language of the rules and regulations. Elias Books can provide valuable advice to assist in obtaining the necessary regulatory authority to execute your company’s drilling plans and maintain compliance with OCC rules and regulations.